DRY MARTINI is ethically made & designed in Manhattan, New York.
Our fabrics are sustainable, hypoallergenic and plant based.

DRY MARTINI believes in the expression and psychology of dressing, making those who wear our collection feel like their best selves, anytime, every time!

Founder Sarah Miller set out to make a transformative dress, reflecting a sense of New York City’s uncomplicated confidence and relaxed elegance.

Pairing luxury fabric with expert craftsmanship resulted in an innovative silhouette that makes wardrobe choices effortless.

With this, the Stress Less Dress was born! 

This shape enhancing dress, like all the pieces in the DRY MARTINI collection, is designed to make you feel good about who you are. The neutral color palette and contemporary silhouettes makes it easy to make it your own.

"Fashion is best when it’s effortless and comfortable, and our commitment to quality and elegant simplicity has earned us a loyal following of individuals who enjoy the feeling of feeling good."

Founder, Sarah Miller.